Sturdy Yeoman’s Pergola

IMG00238-20120312-1406I love a pergola. Jasper and I have built quite a few now, though no photos currently exist for most of them. They all have different personalities. Some reach for the sky, others are firmly rooted on the ground.

This one is in the sturdy English castle style. Big fat 6 inch square uprights set the tone. The raised paving allows the pergola to dominate its corner. All the timbers are much bigger than anything you might find off the peg. And the space we had to fit it into was not symmetrical in anyway, so the pergola was built on site to fit, and tweaked to give the impression of being a regular shape.

What I really like about pergolas, before the climbers get right over the top of them, is the way the sunlight paints shadows over the surrounding garden.